This space provides artists with practical information needed for upcoming opportunities and/or the production of work. It is divided into four sections;

︎︎︎ A list of artist opportunities.
︎︎︎ Guides and references for artistic and practical documents.
︎︎︎ Downloadable templates for forms of agreements and contracts.
︎︎︎ An index of technicians, craftsmen and artisans.


Rami3D printing-+20 1227980711
Sameh Anany3D printing-+20 1000988770
Sherif Tarabishy3D printing-+20 1001130222
Yehia Khater3D printing-+20 1001794030
Robota3D PrintingAlexandria+20 1210387222
Spiro PlasticAcrylic moldingAl Haram+20 1012217729
Spiro PlasticAcrylic sheetsNasr City+20 226718596
Hassan El LolAmusement games-+20 1111634431
Mido SadekArt technician-+20 1282741212
MohamedCarpenterFaisal+20 1117737004
MagedCarpenter-+20 100216444
Khaled Abdel RaoufCarton paperAttaba+20 1111114342
EkramyCurtainsHeliopolis+20 1003448131
Hesham El EssawyFramingBoulaq Ad Dakrour+20 1005524410
HassanGlass work-+20 1100293581
MasaGlass/Framing/MirrosMohandessin+20 1159467464
Lab SupplyLab suppliesQasr El Eyni+20 1018768333
AbdallahMetalworks-+20 1126813132
FarhanMetalworks-+20 1003866628
El 3awMetalworksAl Sabtiah+20 1222885722
Salah (Al Baz Foundation)MetalworksNew Cairo+20 1141141243
Mohamed RabieMetalworks-+20 1011310075
Abdelrahman (3M Steel)Metalworks-+20 1006969988
StyleMetalworksAttaba+20 1001792970
Mohamed MahmoudMetalworks and accessoriesAttaba+20 1227495193
KhameesMirror and glassbolkly+20 1208284483
ShaabanMoldingBasus+20 1015883881
AmrNeon signageImbaba+20 1151125353
DahyPolyester MoldingHaram City+20 1118192252
HassanPolyester Molding-+20 1123315547
Mohamed AbdeenPotteryOld Cairo+20 1110886528
Ahmad Atallah (Best Print)Printing on FabricHeliopolis+20 226370384
NasserPrinting/ DigitalMaadi+20 1142450860
Adnan (El Azzazy Printshop)Printing/ DigitalHeliopolis+20 1100295259
Liliane Amin (IFAO)Printing/ Digital/OffsetAl Mounira+20 227900255
Hani Sabet (Metropol Printing)Printing/ Digital/OffsetAbdeen+20 10280771139
Christine Waheed (Pro Signs)Printing/Digital/SignageAgouza+20 1024608050
Eslam Amer (Amer Print)Printing/ OffsetNozha El Gdeeda+20 1000544450
Hatem SamhoudPrinting/ OffsetEl-Sayeda Zainab+20 1146646648
Mohsen (El Orooba Printers)Printing/ OffsetGesr Al Suez+20 1146172434
Nour El HudaSilicon RubberOld Cairo+20 1119586149
TarekStoneworksMaadi+20 106293555
Mostafa SalemVinyl/wallpaper installation-+20 1020056735
Mohamad Wagdy Wholesale paperAttaba+20 1002924231


H'medArt handlerIn Rabat and all around Morocco+212 665648424
MostafaFramingl'ocean+212 661973512
AliGlass workBab Ah Had+212 537730963
HamzaProductionSalé+212 762165323
SoufyanProductionSalé+212 6623577365
Atelier Kamal EssoussiResin/Molding/SculptureTetouan+212 661680934

Last Updated: 21/4/2021

Head over to Library to learn about the Open Call for Art Publications ✦ Listen to our latest podcast episode with artist Mohamed Abdelkarim - What is the exchange rate for exposure? ✦ Get in touch at ✦ 

Head over to Library to learn about the Open Call for Art Publications ✦ Listen to our latest podcast episode with artist Mohamed Abdelkarim - What is the exchange rate for exposure? ✦ Get in touch at ✦