This space provides artists with practical information needed for upcoming opportunities and/or the production of work. It is divided into four sections;

︎︎︎ A list of artist opportunities.
︎︎︎ Guides and references for artistic and practical documents.
︎︎︎ Downloadable templates for forms of agreements and contracts.
︎︎︎ An index of technicians, craftsmen and artisans.


Mudun Short Story Prize

Deadline: 1/9/2021
Type: Prize
Location: UAE
Amount: $250 - $350
Apply: Barjeel Art Foundation
Details: An international competition that invites writers to showcase, in fiction, a city in the Arab world they know intimately. We will be accepting single entries in English and Arabic, and of no more than 5,000 words.
Henry Moore Grants

Deadline: 2/9/2021
Type: Grant
Location: UK
Amount: up to £20,000
Apply: The Henry Moore Foundation
Details: Henry Moore Grants supports sculpture and seeks to fund research that expands the appreciation of sculpture, through new projects, commissions, acquisitions and funding research and publications. 

TKR 2024 Remote Residency

Deadline: 5/9/2021
Type: Virtual residency
Location: Latvia
Duration: 12 weeks
Apply: Squadrennial
Details: Commitment to 4-6 hours per week; availability to video calls; lectors and mentors from Latvian art scene; selected artist participation in festival 2024.

Basita Fellowship

Deadline: 8/9/2021 (Mentors)
Deadline: 15/9/2021 (Artists)

Type: Fellowship
Location: Middle East
Duration: 12 months
Details: The program will support 20 performing artists/groups with technical, managerial, marketing, and digital capacities, to be self-sustained financially and be able to navigate the digital era.
The Atlas Workshops

Deadline: 8/9/2021
Type: Workshop
Location: Morocco
Awards: €56,000
Apply: Marrakech Intl. Film Festival
Details: Projects in development and films in production or post-production by filmmakers from the Arab world and the African continent who are working on their first, second or third feature-length film.

Pact Zollverein Residencies

Deadline: 8/9/2021
Type: Residency
Location: Germany

Duration: 3 – 6 weeks

Apply: Pact Zollverein
Details: Open to professional artists who work in the areas of dance, performance, media arts or music and closely linked to the core strands of activity in presenting work and facilitating research and development.

A Fair New Idea?! Diversity in the arts

Deadline: 10/9/2021
Type: Call for ideas Location: Belgium (Flanders + Brussels) Grants: €12,000
Apply: A Fair New Idea
Details: A jury will 7 seven short pitches to receive €400 to submit a detailed proposal. The jury has an envelope of €12,000 euros available to allocate to one winning proposal, or to divide among multiple (max 3) strong proposals.
Phileas Funding & Collaborations

Deadline: 10/9/2021
Type: Grant
Location: Austria
Apply: Phileas projects
Details: Based in Vienna, Phileas enables ambitious projects within the field of contemporary art. Its activities focus primarily on international exhibitions by Austrian and Austria-based artists. Applications must be submitted by an institution.

‘Design, Furniture, Wood’ Artist Residency

Deadline: 10/9/2021
Type: Residency
Location: Mana, French Guiana
Duration: 4 - 5 weeks
Apply: CARMA
Details: A budget of up to €1,800 € for artistic production (equipment, materials, tools), accommodation, per diem of €30. The resident's travel to Mana will be paid for by the association.

4SFest: Electronic Music Residency

Deadline: 12/9/2021 
Type: Residency
Location: Morocco
Duration: 4 days
Apply: 4SFEST
Details: For amateur Dj, Professional Dj, Producer, Sounds Artist, Records Collector or any person wishing to master the techniques of DJ mixing through a variety of ways such as: technical support, a series of training workshops and networking events. 

Young Space

Deadline: 12/9/2021 
Type: Online Exhibition
Location: Instagram
Apply: yngspc
Details: Where? Young Space Views @, plus social platforms. Who? Artists from all over the world, in every career stage, are invited to submit works in any medium for consideration. How much? Entry fee is a suggested $20 in a pay-what-you-can format (min. $5). At least 10% of all proceeds directly fund the Young Space grant and other prizes for emerging artists.

To Be Antwerp

Deadline: 13/9/2021
Type: Performance program
Location: Belgium
Duration: 2 days
Apply: To Be Antwerp
Details: Each artist gets aperformance spot in the city center of Antwerp, support by the To Be team as well as an artist fee. We can support artists from in and outside of Belgium with a travel fee. It is possible to have a nonphysical performance.

Henrike Grohs Art Award

Deadline: 17/9/2021 (extended)
Type: Art prize
Location: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
Amount: €10,000 - €20,000
Details: The winning individual artist or collective will get€20,000 cash prize and €10,000 for production. Two runners ups will be awarded a cash prize of €5,000 each. Each iteration of the awards' ceremony is celebrated at a different biennale or major art event on the continent.

How to become a resident

Deadline: 21/9/2021
Type: Residency
Location: Switzerland
Duration: 2 - 24 weeks
Apply: Fondation Jan Michalski
Details: Residences are available for all types of writers engaged in literary creation. Travel costs to and from their home address will be covered by the Foundation. Residents are granted a monthly allowance of CHF 1,200.
Aarhus Arab Film Festival

Deadline: 29/9/2021
Type: Festival
Location: Denmark
Apply: Filmfreeway
Details: ‏Vast diversity of the Arab world by providing an insight into Arabic films, cultures and thoughts through the organization of an internationally-oriented film festival aimed at a Danish audience, with the best of the Arab film world.

Art Jameel Shop

Deadline: 30/9/2021
Type: Call for sales
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Apply: Art Jameel
Details: Art Jameel is inviting artists and desginers from the SWANA region to submit existing products and new designs for an opportunity to join the range of limited-edition and thoughtfully-chosen items on offer at the Art Jameel Shop at Jameel Arts Centre in Dubai and the online platform.

Fleetstreet Residency

Deadline: 30/9/2021
Type: Residency
Location: Germany
Duration: 1 - 3 months
Apply: Fleetstreet Theater
Details: For groups not based in Hamburg, a studio apartment is provided and a cash grant of €1,000 per month will be paid. All groups will receive a grant of the amount of €1,000 per month each.

Head over to Library to learn about the Open Call for Art Publications ✦ Listen to our latest podcast episode with artist Mohamed Abdelkarim - What is the exchange rate for exposure? ✦ Get in touch at ✦ 

Head over to Library to learn about the Open Call for Art Publications ✦ Listen to our latest podcast episode with artist Mohamed Abdelkarim - What is the exchange rate for exposure? ✦ Get in touch at ✦