This space provides artists with practical information needed for upcoming opportunities and/or the production of work. It is divided into four sections;

︎︎︎ A list of artist opportunities.
︎︎︎ Guides and references for artistic and practical documents.
︎︎︎ Downloadable templates for forms of agreements and contracts.
︎︎︎ An index of technicians, craftsmen and artisans.


Lake Balaton Art Residency

Deadline: 2/6/2023
Type: Residency
Location: Hungary
Duration: 2 weeks
Apply: Lake Balaton Residency
Details: Theme 1: Political correctness Everyone against everyone. Everything against/for everything. Together with each other, against each other, for each other. Theme 2: Joy and Enjoyment Personal joy and enjoyment. Personal gain at everyone’s expense / Everyone’s gain at your own expense. Travel costs reimbursement up until a maximum of 300 Euros Accomodation,  Two hot meals a day (lunch, dinner) during the art residency. Full cost of materials based on the application project submitted and accepted by the applicant.
The Hayy Jameel Facade Commission

Deadline: 3/6/2023
Type: Facade Commission
Location: Saudi Arabia
Apply: Art Jameel
Details: Art Jameel invites upcoming and established artists from or resident in the Kingdom to submit proposals that re-imagine Hayy Jameel’s facade as the first point in a conversation between the complex, the community it serves, and the broader public. Located on the front of the Hayy Jameel building, the Facade Commission has a prominent presence, visible to visitors as they enter as well as capturing the attention of pedestrians and drivers passing by. The awarded artist(s) will receive an artist’s fee and a production budget will be attached to the project (co- or wholly managed by Art Jameel, according to the nature of the selected project and artist’s practice/working method). Open to all Saudi and Saudi-based artists and collectives.
Open Call: Vantage Point Sharjah 11

Deadline: 10/6/2023
Type: Exhibition
Location: UAE
Duration: 5 months
Apply: Sharjah Art Foundation
Details: The 11th edition of VPS will include a new and expansive vision. VPS11 will identify five talented emerging artists from, or based in, Africa and Asia who use photography as a central medium in their practice, exhibit their work and mentor them.

Self Organizations

Deadline: 15/6/2023
Type: Program
Location: Belgium
Amount: $2000 - $6000
Apply: Mophradat
Details: A program that aims to provoke inventive ways of working together and collaborating. The program offers support to projects where different arts practitioners take the initiative and join forces to define a mutual resource or interest that’s important for their work, and propose how to share or develop it.
Sakakini Events: Summer Season

Deadline: 15/6/2023
Type: Program
Location: Palestine
Amount: 300
Apply: Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center
Details: Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center invites artists, artistic groups and collectives, writers, academics, and cultural practitioners from various artistic fields to submit their applications to organize their artistic performances at Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center as part of the ""In/Out Reach"" program at the center. The ""In/Out Reach"" program aims to provide the center’s well-equipped spaces, the expertise of its staff, and its community network, to support arts, culture, and community events organized by individuals and groups with personal initiatives.
Rupert Residency Program

Deadline: 15/6/2023
Type: Residency
Location: Lithuania
Duration: 1 - 3 months
Apply: Rupert
Details: Rupert is inviting applications for residencies, calling local and international cultural practitioners and thinkers willing to live and work in Vilnius from 1 to 3 months in 2024. All the residencies are FREE this application round. Each resident is provided with a studio spaceto be used as a space for production, research and living during the residency. Applicants are responsible for covering personal (daily and travel) expenses. Rupert’s team will issue acceptance letters for successful applicants and support their applications for external grants to cover travel, food, production, and other costs. There is a €15 application fee.


Deadline: 16/6/2023
Type: Award
Location: South Africa
Amount: R100,000
Apply: ANNA and Latitudes
Details: The aim of the award is to discover, recognise and nurture a new generation of women-identifying artists from the African continent and the diaspora. For both ANNA and Latitudes, it is crucial that the ANNA Award is as inclusive as possible. As such, no formal art training is required in order to apply, there are no age restrictions for applicants, and the competition is open to women-identifying artists working in any medium.

Deadline: 18/6/2023
Type: Training
Location: Morocco
Duration: 1 month
Apply: Irtijal
Details: Derdek is Irtijal's big new project! Training, laboratory, creation and dissemination are the main themes of this platform dedicated to performance art.
Ten Moroccan artists will be brought together for a month of intensive training by three international lecturers. The training will take place in Rabat in September 2023.
Youmein Festival

Deadline: 19/6/2023
Type: Festival
Location: Morocco
Duration: 2 days
Apply: Youmein Festival
Details: The Youmein Festival brings together a group of artists over the course of two days to develop diverse, new work centered on a common theme, and invites collaboration across artistic disciplines. This event provides an outlet for artists to develop and exhibit their craft. Beginning with a series of public events, alongside panel discussions and other activities at different locations around Tangier, and culminating with a presentation of 8 wholly original pieces created over the course of a 48-hour period, the festival/residency proposes an alternative platform to the Tangier cultural public scene.

Artists Connecting In Transition Belonging

Deadline: 19/6/2023
Type: Exhibition
Location: Virtual
Duration: 3.5 months
Apply: Fanak Fund
Details: This is an open call for 8 multidisciplinary artists with lived experience of forced migration, exile, or displacement based anywhere in the world who are interested in taking part in a virtual exhibition as part of Artists Connecting in Transition (ACT) by Fanak fund - D6: Cul­ture in Tran­sit - arthereis­tan­bul - MedeArts. 
RAW Académie: Session 10

Deadline: 25/6/2023
Type: Program
Location: Cameroon
Duration: 5 weeks
Apply: RAW Material Company
Details: This year again, the Académie, directed by doual’art, will exceptionally happen outside of the walls, in Douala - Cameroon. Princess Marilyn Douala Manga Bell, assisted by the following faculty members will address the question of art in public spaces through LANDMARKS: researcher and art critic Iolanda Pensa, curators Elvira Dyangani Ose & Jay Pather, cultural producer Teesa Bahana, architect Jean Charles Tall, as well as the Think Tanger Cultural platform.
Masaha Residency: Conceptualize the Future Through Tradition

Deadline: 30/6/2023
Type: Residency
Location: Saudi Arabia
Duration: 3 months
Apply: Misk Art Institute
Details: This cycle of Masaha Residency invites artists to interpret the future of tradition through visual art, conceptualizing imagined futures of the Kingdom, the region, and the world. The Masaha Residency is open to Ten full-time emerging Saudi and international visual artists. The Three-Month Residency Program Offers: Visas to Saudi Arabia, roundtrip flight, accommodation, transportation, and breakfast and dinner at accommodation site. Generous research and production budget and a private studio space in addition to mentorship, mastercalsses, and final exhibition.

The Resistance of Nothingness

Deadline: 30/6/2023
Type: Exhibition
Location: Austria
Amount: EUR 2,500 - 3,500
Apply: Tiroler Künstler:innenschaft
Details: The Tiroler Künstler:innenschaft is devoting itself to this form of feminist refusal as a withdrawal from unjust patriarchal and neoliberal systems, a central theme of political philosophy. In this context, it is providing space, time and resources for exhibition projects and artistic interventions that take up new narratives for our complex contemporary present, thoughts and conversations. Our curators and production team will help with the implementation of projects. This includes the production of printing materials, PR, exhibition booklets, texts, etc. The budget per submitted project amounts to a maximum of EUR 3,500 for the Kunstpavillon and EUR 2,500 for the Neue Galerie Innsbruck.
ASF'ART, the artistic and cultural mobility fund 

Deadline: Ongoing
Type: Travel Grant
Location: Morocco
Apply: Fondation Hiba
Details: ASF'ART, the artistic and cultural mobility fund in Morocco is a national mobility fund whose main objective is to promote mobility for young artists and students in the art sectors in order to enable them to participate in artistic events (festivals, residences, exhibitions, markets etc.) and to discover spaces, cultural places and cultural and artistic events. The main target of the fund is young artists aged 18 to 30, from all disciplines, as well as students in the field of culture and the arts. By completing this form, you are applying for a fund that will cover accommodation, transport costs and meals, and this only during the period of the event or mission.
Pro Helvetia: Co-creation Support Measure

Deadline: Ongoing
Type: Production
Location: Arab region / Switzerland
Duration: 15 months
Apply: Pro Helvetia
Details: To further strengthen its mandate of intercultural exchange and to offer support to artistic practices that result from previous exchanges, Pro Helvetia is launching a two-year pilot measure to support co-creation. The budget for a co-creation project is up to CHF 25.000 CHF. Co-creation processes can only be supported for a maximum duration of 15 months.


AFAC: Training and Regional Events Grants

Deadline: 4/7/2023
Type: Grant
Location: Arab Region
Amount: USD 25,000 - 35,000
Apply: AFAC
Details: AFAC’s Training and Regional Events grant supports training and workshops in the different cultural and artistic fields, in addition to residencies, symposiums, forums, and festivals (multidisciplinary, music, film, performing arts, visual arts, and literature).
AFAC: Music Grant Program

Deadline: 4/7/2023
Type: Grant
Location: Arab Region
Amount: USD 25,000 - 35,000
Apply: AFAC
Details: The Music grant supports production, performances, collaborations, album recordings and festivals. Travel costs can be covered by the AFAC grant only when they are part of the implementation of a project.
AFAC: Cinema Grant Program

Deadline: 4/7/2023
Type: Grant
Location: Arab Region
Amount: USD 10,000 - 50,000
Apply: AFAC
Details: The Cinema grant is open to all kinds of fiction film projects. The program welcomes submissions of short and medium-length narrative films in production and post-production and feature narratives that are in development, production or post-production phases.

Roznama 9: Competition and Exhibtion

Deadline: 9/7/2023
Type: Exhibtion
Location: Egypt
Duration: 1 month
Apply: Medrar
Details: Roznama is planned to be held at Medrar for Contemporary Art, Ard Art Institution and Tahrir Cultural Center in Cairo; and Wekalet Behna and B’sarya in Alexandria, simultaneously.
Roznama will also hold a series of activities on the side of the main event to expand on its mission of giving the means and the space to the young artists.
Mophradat: Orbitals

Deadline: 10/7/2023
Type: Program
Location: Senegal
Duration: Program
Apply: Mophradat
Details: Orbitals is an annual program that takes four curators and arts researchers to an international location in the Global South to learn about a different artistic context than the ones they are familiar with and share their knowledge with their communities. During the one-week guided research trip, the participants, along with members of Mophradat’s team, meet and share experiences with peers from the art scenes they are visiting. This year’s edition of Orbitals, taking place in December, will be an introduction to the art scene in Dakar. The participants will travel together for a program of meetings with artists and curators, as well as visits to art organizations and initiatives. Mophradat will provide flights, travel insurance, accommodation and per diems, and reimburse visa costs.
Open Call For A New Magazine

Deadline: 31/7/2023
Type: Publishing
Location: Germany
Apply: SAVVY Contemporary
Details: SAVVY Contemporary asks that contributors limit their submissions to 5.000 words and send them in docx format to You are invited to submit in whichever language or genre you consider yourself most fluent. Illustrations or comics are also welcome if they fit the thematic focus. Contributions which are approved for publishing will be renumerated.

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Read the latest text by Ahmed Shawky Hassan, When the Museum was Melting ✦ Read K-oh-llective’s contribution in Rehearsing Hospitalities Companion 4 ✦ Read our latest review by Ahmed Refaat, Review #8: Engrams ✦ Send us your publications by April 30! Learn more about the Open Call: Art Publications ✦ Support K-oh-llective’s work with a small donation! Learn more on how to Donate! ✦ Get in touch at ✦