This space provides artists with practical information needed for upcoming opportunities and/or the production of work. It is divided into four sections;

︎︎︎ A list of artist opportunities.
︎︎︎ Guides and references for artistic and practical documents.
︎︎︎ Downloadable templates for forms of agreements and contracts.
︎︎︎ An index of technicians, craftsmen and artisans.


De Ateliers

Deadline: 1/3/2023
Type: Program
Location: Netherlands
Duration: 20 months
Apply: De Ateliers
Details: De Ateliers is an artists’ institute open to artists at the beginning of their professional career. It offers a twenty-month studio and tutoring programme that is best tailored to the needs of highly motivated artists who wish to strengthen their artistic foundation, develop their ideas and deepen their practice in a focused, critical environment among peers from around the globe.
Pro Helvetia Residencies 2024

Deadline: 1/3/2023
Type: Residency
Location: Switzerland
Duration: 3 months
Apply: Pro Helvetia Cairo
Details: The aim of the residencies is to gain inspiration, to explore new collaborations and to develop projects in connection with the country of choice, as well as to establish new networks. Pro Helvetia offers accommodation, travel costs, a daily allowance, a local coach to facilitate connection with the local scene, a workplace (on request) and a contribution to production/material costs (on request). Residencies can last up to 3 months.

Deadline: 1/3/2023
Type: Exhibition
Location: USA
Duration: 2023/2024
Apply: Apex Art
Details: apexart's Open Calls are opportunities for artists, curators, and other professionals to turn their curatorial idea into an apexart exhibition. Winning proposals become part of apexart’s next exhibition season and receive funding and staff support. apexart is not a granting organization-all exhibitions are part of apexart’s programming. The 4 winning proposals will each receive an exhibition budget of up to $11,000; have an exhibition brochure printed.


Deadline: 1/3/2023
Location: Germany
Duration: 1 day
Apply: PACT Zollverein
Details: PACT is seeking artistic proposals that deal with speculative and open processes, shaping spaces for participation, inclusion, imagination and the generation of new ideas. The following support is available to all Atelier participants (subject to prior agreement): Expense allowance; Travel costs covering one journey only per participant to and from PACT Zollverein*; Local accommodation; Transport costs one journey to/from PACT Zollverein; Technical equipment; Presentation of own work (max. 15 min. duration for stage works).
The School for Dissident Friendship

Deadline: 1/3/2023
Type: Program
Location: Germany
Duration: 3 weeks
Apply: Berliner Festspiele/Ashkal Alwan
Details: 18 Berlin-based artists and cultural workers will be selected after the open call by a jury appointed by the Berliner Festspiele; Ashkal Alwan's team will select six artists and cultural workers living in Lebanon and other Arabic-speaking countries. All early-career artists and cultural workers currently living in Berlin are eligible to apply, regardless of age and nationality. Applicants should be able to commit to the programme’s intensive three-week schedule. The programme will be carried out primarily in English.
MMAG Residency Program

Deadline: 2/3/2023
Type: Residency
Location: Jordan
Duration: 7 months
Apply: MMAG Foundation
Details: MMAG offers its residents time to focus on artistic research and development - either to inspire a new body of work or to expand on an existing project. The program provides residents with a communal setting, a private studio and living quarters (if needed) with shared facilities, and some access to tools and supplies. Applicants from abroad need to secure their own travel, lodging and per diem funding, and the foundation can provide them with letters of support for their grant applications.

Residency Program: Salwa’s Internet Café 2023

Deadline: 5/3/2023
Type: Residency
Location: The Netherlands
Duration: 3 months
Apply: SALWA Foundation
Details: Through our Open Call, creatives are invited to explore the following question: "How did early internet infrastructures shape the experience of migrant communities?". We will research how this experience shaped the visual language of creatives from the Global South, Eastern Europe or the Balkan Regions. Four migrant participants living in the Netherlands will be accepted for a three-month residency. SALWA’s support: Artist fee: €1500, production budget up to €1000, travel budget, warm meal during each meeting, access to SALWA’s studio space, connecting you to our partners.
Artists in Residencia

Deadline: 9/3/2023
Type: Residency
Location: Spain
Duration: 2 months
Apply: Galleria Continua/Belmond Hotel
Details: La Residencia invites emerging artists from all over the world to apply for one of our three unique Artists in Residencia creative programmes. The three successful creatives will be chosen by a selected committee of experts to create artwork that will be exhibited throughout our intimate mountainside enclave in Mallorca. All two-month residency programmes include a room and studio at La Residencia, a monthly living grant and production funding.
Exile Retreat: A Politics of Anti-concentrationism

Deadline: 15/3/2023
Type: Retreat
Location: France
Duration: 1 week
Apply: Gelare Khoshgozaran’s project
Details: This is an international call for participation, open to any individual over 25 years, of any gender or background, who is experiencing exile. The retreat is a preliminary attempt in creating space for the convening of exile persons across borders, languages and histories with a shared interest in antifascism. All participants will receive a small honorarium for their participation in the online sessions, which will be held in English. Travel, accommodation, food and transportation will be provided for the in-person convening. Although the convening is open to all applicants, due to budgetary limitations, travel support may only be provided for within Europe.

CPR’s Research Program for Curators

Deadline: 15/3/2023
Type: Residency
Location: Finland, Norway and Sweden
Duration: 3 - 4 weeks
Apply: CPR
Details: For curators, fully funded, our annual nomadic residency provides an intensive immersion in a regional art scene. Organized by local hosts, it feature visits to several cities in a region, providing an insight into their unique art, history and culture. CPR selects 6-8 participating curators-in-residence per program. Merging academia with onsite research, it includes readings and classes about local history, arts and culture, as well as visits to artist studios, local art institutions, and cultural endeavors. CPR provides round-trip airfares, accommodation and local transport. Application fees 75$.
Residency for a visual artist at Cove Park

Deadline: 15/3/2023
Type: Residency
Location: Scotland
Duration: 1 month
Apply: Mophradat
Details: For a visual artist from the Arab world to spend focused time working on a project or researching new ideas. The invited resident will be housed in a private, fully equipped, and self-contained accommodation unit on Cove Park’s site, and will be offered workspace in an adjacent private studio. Mophradat will provide the selected resident with economy return airfares, local transport to the site, per diems for the duration of the residency, and will reimburse visa costs.
Mouhit: Artists in Residence

Deadline: 15/3/2023
Type: Residency
Location: Tunisia
Duration: 1 - 3 months
Apply: Mouhit Space
Details: Accommodation (a private bedroom, a shared bedroom for groups and equipped common spaces) access to work space and available equipment one-on-one bi-weekly support from mentors (artists, curators, writers etc. ) production support.

Sommerakademie Paul Klee

Deadline: 15/3/2023
Type: Program
Location: Switzerland
Duration: 16 months
Apply: Sommerakademie Paul Klee
Details: Up to eight residents are invited to join the Sommerakademie Paul Klee (SPK) programme, curated by cultural worker Andrea Thal, and beginning on 12 August 2023. Over the course of 2023 & 2024, the SPK features public lectures, closed-door seminars, and access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and technical support at the Bern Academy of the Arts (HKB) – but also teaching opportunities at the HKB.
Open Verification PhD Fellowship 2023

Deadline: 15/3/2023
Type: PhD
Location: UK
Duration: 3 years
Apply: Forensic Architecture
Details: FAOV’s funding covers full-time tuition fees as well as a monthly stipend for a period of three years, the standard length of the doctoral programme at Goldsmiths.
Onassis AiR Open Call 2023/24

Deadline: 20/3/2023
Type: Residency
Location: Greece
Duration: 1-3 months
Apply: Onassis Foundation
Details: OnassisAiR welcomes artists and practitioners from any medium of expression or discipline, from anywhere in the world, who are yearning for space, focused time, and stimulating conversations that can help to kick-off, further develop, or finalize a project. Stipend 1300 Euro, Production 500 Euro, Travel up to 100 euros. Accommodation is covered.

Documenta Fellowship

Deadline: 24/3/2023
Type: Fellowship
Location: Germany
Duration: 6 months
Apply: Goethe Institute DE
Details: We provide a €2,000 monthly stipend for six months of research into the documenta in Kassel, as well as assistance in applying for a visa, finding housing, dealing with German bureaucracy/paperwork, and researching the documenta archives.

Deadline: 26/3/2023 (extended)
Type: Production
Location: Lebanon
Duration: 5 months
Apply: Goethe Institute LB
Details: The program consists of two short-term production residencies (May & September), a production fund of up to 8.000 € per project, a five-month time frame, in which participants work on their project, get supported by a mentor through monthly meetings, and a program of five monthly workshops.
The 421 Artistic Development Program

Deadline: 26/3/2023
Type: Program
Location: UAE
Amount: AED10,000
Apply: Warehouse421
Details: The program supports early to mid-career artists based in the UAE to develop and produce a major body of work that will be presented in a solo exhibition at the end of the program. The program emphasizes the professional and creative development of participating artists and awards them a AED10,000 participation grant and financial and logistical production support, as well as guidance from experienced art educators, interlocutors, and curators.

Fellowship for Producers and/or Curators

Deadline: 26/3/2023
Type: Fellowship
Location: Lebanon
Duration: 3 months
Apply: Haven for Artists
Details: We are looking for a knowledgeable and innovative person to work with the Creative Director and production team as they design and produce a number of small-scale events and activities ranging from workshops and panels to screenings and small-scale performances. Compensation of €500 per month will be paid directly to the Fellow by Mophradat. The Fellow must be living in Lebanon and from the SWANA region, must know English and Arabic - written and spoken.
The 421 Internship and Mentorship Program

Deadline: 29/3/2023
Type: Internship
Location: UAE
Duration: 6 months
Apply: Warehouse421
Details: The 421 Internship and Mentorship Program offers early career development support and professional preparation opportunities for emerging-creative professionals from diverse backgrounds. The program supports young practitioners through hands-on experience and training that paves the way for future career opportunities. This is a paid opportunity.
LIVE WORKS – Free School of Performance

Deadline: 30/3/2023
Type: Residency
Location: Italy
Duration: 15 days
Apply: Centrale Fies
Details: LIVE WORKS sees performance as a work space, and as an instrument and cultural exercise. Starting from the notion of performance in the visual art practice, the project is unique in its particular attention to hybrid research, underlining the openness and fluidity of performance, its social and political implications and its level of public understandability. An annual fellowship of €3,000, covers the travel costs to reach Centrale Fies, food and accommodation.

Open call: Artworks for ZINE

Deadline: 31/3/2023
Type: Publishing
Location: Portugal
Apply: maisuno+1 collective
Details: - Selected projects and artworks will be featured in an online and printed publication curated by maisuno+1 collective,
- A zine in the topic of cultural mapping and map as a social construct
Open call: Jokkmokk

Deadline: 31/3/2023
Type: Residency
Location: Sweden
Duration: 1 month
Apply: Swedish Lapland AiR
Details: - Tax-free scholarship of SEK 15,000
- Study visits/ activities/ materials/ travel costs up to SEK 15,000
- Accommodation
- Private workspace
Kone Foundation’s Saari Residence

Deadline: 31/3/2023
Type: Residency
Location: Finland
Duration: 2 months
Apply: Saari Residence
Details: At the Saari Residence, you can immerse yourself in your artistic work, develop potential new directions, and engage in fruitful interaction with the other residents. Accommodation, travel and stipend are covered. An individual residency spanning two months includes your own apartment, a workroom and a monthly grant, the amount of which is determined according to the applicant’s experience (€2,500 / €3,000 / €3,600 per month).


Ithra Art Prize - 2023

Deadline: 1/4/2023
Type: Award
Location: Saudi Arabia
Amount: $100,000
Apply: Ithra
Details: The proposed work should not exceed 100,00 USD including production, artist fess, shipping, insurance and project managment.

Deadline: 1/4/2023
Type: Residency
Location: Guatemala
Duration: 4 - 8 weeks
Apply: La Nueva Fábrica
Details: A stipend of USD 2,000, Housing, A private studio, Logistical support for production. Travel to/ from Guatemala is not covered.

Deadline: 3/4/2023
Type: Residency
Location: Italy
Duration: 1 month
Apply: Fondazione Cirko Vertigo
Details: Free accommodation in a single room with private bathroom. Artist fee €3,500 including preparation of the residency and presentation of the result during the HYBRID FESTIVAL in Mondoví. Material costs up to €2,000 per proposal, travel costs will be covered up to the amount of €1,300, including return ticket from the origin and local transport Turin to Mondoví. We strongly encourage applicants with interdisciplinary and participatory / socially engaged art practices. Artists of all nationalities can apply, but they must reside in the European Union or in one of the accession countries.

AFAC: Visual Arts Grant

Deadline: 4/4/2023  5:00 pm (Beirut time)
Type: Grant
Location: Lebanon
Amount: $20,000 - $35,000
Apply: AFAC
Details: AFAC’s Visual Arts program provides annual grants up to USD 20,000 for individuals and teams, and up to USD 35,000 for collectives and institutions.
Nomadic Curatorial Residency

Deadline: 5/4/2023
Type: Residency
Location: France
Duration: 45 days
Apply: Arts en Résidence
A total allowance of €3000, including VAT,
corresponding to €1000 in fees per residency period,
paid by the host structures;
Travel expenses up to a maximum of €1,500

Future Generation Art Prize

Deadline: 30/4/2023
Type: Award
Location: Ukraine
Amount: $100,000
Apply: PinchukArtCentre
Details: US$100,000 award open to all artists around the world aged 35 or younger.

Pro Helvetia: Co-creation Support Measure

Deadline: Rolling
Type: Production
Location: Arab region / Switzerland
Duration: 15 months
Apply: Pro Helvetia
Details: up to CHF 25,000 CHF

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